I play music that makes you wiggle

originating from AMSTERDAM and of Dutch-Swedish descent, JF.HECTOR, a DJ and MUSIC CURATOR, stands out with his distinctive mix of EXPERIMENTAL IDM, INDIE HOUSE, BRAINDANCE, ELECTRO, TECHNO, GQOM, ELECTRONIC, and BREAK BEATS.his sets are DEEP, HYPNOTIC, PERCUSSIVE, and TRIPPY, deeply resonating with DANCE FLOORS.this IMPACT reflects his background in film and trailer music direction.jf.hector's CLEAR MUSIC selection, infused with emotional storytelling, ensures that each set becomes a memorable DANCE FLOOR moment.


july 29
Toekomst Muziek - Club Nacht

oct 20
Amsterdam Dance Event
SoHaSo Label Showcase

oct 21
Amsterdam Dance Event
Silver Moon x NDSM Sessions

July 29
Landjuweel, Ruigoord